Ideas become reality. From carefully developed designs to outstanding VendouX timepieces which match individual lifestyles.

VendouX represents excellence, high accuracy, quality and fashion. lnnovative state-of-the-art watches for him and her. The VendouX designer team and headquarters are based in The Netherlands.

International superior logistics and knowledge of the local markets draw the attention of buyers all over the world. VendouX meets all the design and quality standards that are required worldwide. The company also releases higher value products , appealing, sophisticated and still more advanced. VendouX: a major brand name that really distinguishes. Fair pricing, great style, unique quality and a never-ending search for excellence. VendouX, the new trendsetters.

H&V Time Design bv was founded in 1992. The firm established its own watch brand back in 2004.  VendouX was born and soon it became the ultimate choice of the international trendy and fashionable consumer. 

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